Our mission is to instill service thinking into the heart of the makers revolution

We are a global community built around service thinking and entrepreneurship.  Our  10-week program designed at Silicon Valley and spread globally, mixes breakthrough modern business practices with agile service design and design thinking approaches in order to better prepare leaders to innovate in the Age of Service. At Hivelab we certify Service Designers (intra and entre)preneurs.

Entrepreneurship: awakening the spirit
We believe entrepreneurship happens when the refusal to accept the status-quo meets the realization that you are capable of doing something about it. Maybe you are a business executive trying to ingrain innovation into your organization’s agenda. Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur trying to figure out a way to do things differently. Regardless of the path to innovation you choose, to succeed you will need to awaken your entrepreneurial spirit.

Service: lens to see the worldThe make and sell era is history. The list of the most innovative companies now features community-driven, exponential, and dematerialized businesses — just to name a few types. We are living in the Service Age — a relational, not transactional economy. To us, there are no products. And what people used to call ‘products’ are actually avatars of services being provided. We believe that any source of interaction, be it an object, a digital interaction or output, or even a process, is a service at its core. And in order to reveal this truth, you must simply ask what purpose it serves.

Design: To THINK And make Design Thinking is not a trend. Nor was it invented by a design firm in the early 90's. Da Vinci was a design-thinker. The whole Bauhaus movement in the 20's was about ingraining design thinking into the up-and-coming industrial economy. Today, it's been statistically proven: Design-as-culture pays off. It makes businesses more efficient and has a profound effect on their bottom line.
To deliver real innovations, makers must first aim for value. A viable product with no user-perceived value is waste. And waste can't be considered lean by any measure.

How the program works?

Our program is a 10-week intensive self-discovery and empowerment experience.
Students enroll individually or bring their teams in. They then go through a learning journey that encompasses all five Service Innovation Domains, build a solution from scratch and present it at our DemoDay. The best-in-class are invited to join the HiveLab-Camp in Silicon Valley — an immersive experience where they meet with remarkable innovators, pitch to investors, have fun and connect with other Hivers.

Who enrolls at HiveLab

Since being founded in 2012 (formerly EISE), we've been constantly attracting transdisciplinary leaders to our program, including but not limited to business executives, entrepreneurs, and designers.

Don't just take it from us. Listen to what our Alumni have to say.

We are proud of the transformative work we've been doing. With over 270 graduates and 7 generations of certified service designers so far, we are on our way to creating the biggest community of service designer-entrepreneurs worldwide.

Renato Endo
G4 | Service Designer
"The program goes beyond the content, which is great by the way and extremely useful if you are building or running a business. But to me, being able to meet and work along with people that are passionate about changing the world, and connect with this community for life is the best legacy of it."

Heitor Dias Murbach
G6 | Process Engineer

"In addition to all of the activities and methods learned, contact with incredibly driven people from different backgrounds is what make the program such a dynamic ecosystem that is perfect for personal and professional development."

José Albuquerque Zanforlin
G7 | Designer

"The program is opening up a universe that I thought only existed in my head. It’s served as a vast network of contacts, experiences, inspiration, and knowledge—indispensable in the professional transition that I’m going through!"

Arthur Ranieri
G6 | Entrepreneur / Freelancer
"The program made me revisit many concepts, especially in regards to how my business could be relevant to my clients. Experiencing the design approach is transformative and helped me gain new ideas about new business models."

Otavio Falcão
G6 | Designer
"Me apaixonei pela proposta da escola. O Design na forma de Design de Serviços era o que eu procurava para minha carreira. Buscava uma proposta pedagógica diferente, que criasse soluções para gente como eu e você, gente de verdade."

Pedro Alberto V. Andrade
G6 | Entrepreneur / Freelancer

"The experience is very enriching in the sense that it enhances our vision of the essence of design, making us begin to see design much more as an attitude and a mindset than as a title or a job."

Cauê Cunha Ribeiro
G7 | Designer
"I’m part of Generation 7 and I’ve already benefited more than I imagined just from having met great people and excellent professionals that share my ambition to transform the world for the better and to rethink economic models for the new economy."

Fernando  Kobuti
G6 |  Business Admnistrator

"It made me see the world through a different lens. I met people who sought the same change I do. I recommend it to anyone who wants solutions that are innovative, creative, and relevant to their users. It’s really worth it!"

Vinícius Alves
G6 | Designer

"It’s a one-of-a-kind and transformative experience. Hivelab has the strongest and tightest network that I’ve ever encountered, with incredible and committed people. The classes teach amazing content that I hadn’t seen before. In summary: Amazing!"

Walace Santana
G6 | Designer

"This is more than a school, it’s a network of contacts, knowledge, creativity, good vibes, and cocreation. Going much further than a traditional curriculum, we encountered a journey of surprises and constant renewal— a door to another world."

Estefânia Barsante
G6 | HR Manager

"My experience was very interesting. The classes are wonderful and the exchange of experiences and networking with the community are unparalleled. Service Design is a new world, one in which this program should be your guide and inspiration."

Fernanda Martins
G1 | Designer
"It is and amazing and transformative experience. If you are anxious to transform the environment around you and want to feel those butterflies and stay up all night trying to sort out new discoveries, this is the place for you. I won as a Young Lion (Cannes) applying the concepts I've learnt here."

Luciana Martins Souza Perez
G7 | Designer
"My experience at the school was a very cool exchange of experiences and networking with all involved. The school’s environment incites creativity as well as out-of-the-box thinking that puts you in others’ shoes."

Savana Pires
G3 | Executive

"It opened my mind to many innovative and new things that are going on in the world today. At EISE, I met and identified with cool people that are helping this movement make the world a better place to live."

Thiago Higa
G7 | Production Engineer

"I’m proud of being part of this. I don’t define Hivelab as simply a school or course, but as an ecosystem of real exploration of possibilities founded in basic human necessities and services for human beings."

Waldemar Anton Osmala Junior
G5 | Designer
"After it I’ve become a more confident designer, I’ve discovered new ways of approaching problems and tools that help me resolve them. The teachers are excellent and each class leaves me wanting more."

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